Hallo an alle

Halli Hallo an alle die mich adden😀

Danke erstmal❤
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Hello, hello!!!

Tag 1: abreise….lachen ohne ende….warum werdet ihr fragen!


3 Tage vor der Abreise:

Neni: Oma, pack nichts ein was irgendwie flüssig ist 

Oma: Geht okay.

Neni: Wirklich nichts, kein deo, kein parfum, nichts…

Oma: Ja, okay….
Zurück zum Tag des Abflugs:


….. so viel zum Thema: Höre zu was andere sagen….

Und jetzt heißts warten…..

Bis später….


Back to life <3

Hello, hello!

I am back after a break of two years. I hope to come here more often now, but I can’t promise to be here daily.

I amback with some new found hobbies, like pearl jewellery. I post two pics of the first two things I made. I hope to post more of it by time. ^^

I also got back to reading Mangas, which I loved years ago. Maybe I will write some reviews about what I read ^^

For now I just wanted to say hello again.


Artikel Veröffentlichung




Hallo an alle!


Zur Info: Zwei meiner Artikel (Filmkritiken), die ich im Zuge eines Seminars auf der Universität schreiben musste, wurden veröffentlicht. ^_^ Die Artikel betreffen FIlme, die wir auf der Viennale 2o10 besuchen musste.

Lesen könnt ihr die Artikel hier:


The forgotten space


I wrote two Articles for a course on university and they got published in the Internet, you can find them if you click on the links below.🙂 The critics are about Films, which we saw on the last years Viennale festival.

Have fun!



October 2010: Vienna night run

Go Vivi….go vivi…..or better to say: run vivi, run vivi!!


Yes, my flatmate knows how to root for me. But in that case it was better to say “run” than “go” because in July I decided to start running. Because I wanted to have more motivation during the training I put me down for the Vienna night run, which should be on the beginning of October. A word and a blow…After some trainings I realized that I am exactly like my mum…I hurt myself…And after a exciting journey into the third world, also called AKH, I had to take a rest for five weeks. There I lost my faith I had in this 5km marathon. But after these weeks I continued my trainings. My dear Tata sponsored me and bought me some real running shoes (I got to know that this is the most important thing, when you want to run!) And I was astonished, I got better and better. Every second day I went out for some trainings, and soon I was able to run 3,2km without any problems. At this point I was sure, that I can make the 5km.


The 5th of October came near soon. The weather got colder and it was very uncomfortable. But fortunately I read that Hofer would have some jogging clothes and I went there immediately to buy everything to be armed for the winter.

So after one month training in Graz I had to return to Vienna and continue my training there. On Monday before the run I got my start number and my things for the run. I was real happy, but also a bit afraid if I can manage the 5km without any trouble.

On Tuesday the 5th I woke up early in the morning. I knew that I had to be well rested because it would be real exhausting to run in evening. (I never made sport at the evening, I am a “morning-girl” *laughs*)

I put out my running clothes and read again all the nice things my family and friends wrote on my trousers.

I went for a little run in the morning, just a short distance because I wasn’t able to estimate my power. And so I started a day of eating and drinking. Normally I don’t eat that much, but I heard that it is important to eat much of noodles and bananas before a run, and so did I. I had noodles for lunch and bananas on afternoon, and I walked up and down at home, because I wanted to go there and run, run, run…

On afternoon I decided to make a short shopping tour, because I didn’t want to sit at home and staring on the clock and counting the minutes…

After returning I make a delicious tea to be armed for the final countdown….

And then my journey started, I went out and drove with the Metro in the city. Meeting point with my co-workers was on Parlament. I phoned my Tati and we talked about this and that, so I had time to warm up and made some stretching exercises.

After some guessing who my coworkers are (I never saw them before…) I found them (thanks to the Zürich cap, which one of them had). And so we made our way to the start point….

There I had some incredible views on the unbeliavable crowd of people there….

But I had to concentrate on the start point…

Ah, no, we made a picture of the Zürich running ladies together, before everyone runs their own way….

And then came the concentration for the start….

And the start came nearer


And nearer

And nearer….

And then we ha to run, I was kind of slow, but still in the midfield of my group.

That was the distance we had to run:

I had my Ipod (who is called by a friend of mine: Yoko-Pod) was real kind and played me only my favorite songs: Stereo, Code, Sukiyanen, Musekinin Hero….and so on….

It was real terrible weather, it rained a bit and the street was wet, and so the tram rails….I had to take a look not to slip over them, but all ended safely.😀

After 45 minutes I saw the finish. The audience was clapping and I was motivated to sprint till the end.

I can’t say which place I was at the end, because my chip was on the wrong place, so I have no time and place, but I think I am on place 4000-5000 (on the women’s list)

It was a real, real exciting evening, and now I am searching for other events to run again. Like Flo says: Go vivi, go Vivi…..

Hello everyone!

Hello to everyone here!

I am Veri, often known under the nickname Neni. I will publish some of my work here and you’ll find a kind of diary of some of my journeys and private life here.🙂 I will make this page in english and german, because I am used to write in English, but some of you might be better in reading the german versions. [except scripts and articles, these will mostly be only in german]

Hope you enjoy it. ^_^


Hallo an alle!

Viele nennen mich Veri, aber ich bin im Internet meistens unter dem Namen Neni zu finden. Ich werde hier Auszüge aus Arbeiten und Projekte von mir veröffentlichen. Ich werde auch eine Art Tagebuch führen, in dem ich meine Erlebnisse und „Schandtaten“ berichten werde. Die Seite werde ich in Englisch und Deutsch führen, da sehr viele doch besser im Gebrauch des Deutschen sind, ich aber sehr viel von vorne herein auf Englisch schreibe.